Roasted Balsamic Strawberry Ice Cream

You all know how I bought myself an ice cream machine at Homeart a few months back. I have to tell you all again: for $59.00 it’s as good as the Cuisineart one I have had my eye on.

It’s awesome.


Strawberries and Amaretto are 2 of my favourite foods. So, combined with a hot day and the machine, I produced some ice cream.


3 cups strawberries  washed, hulled and halved
2 tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar (I bought some 10 year aged at the Black Pearl bloggers do)
1/4 cup Vanilla Sugar 
1 + 1/4 cups sugar ( reserve 1/4 cup)
1 teaspoon Vanilla Paste  
2 tablespoons Amaretto
1 1/4 cup milk 
1 1/4 cups sour cream 
1 cup pouring cream

Line a baking sheet (make sure it has a low side or small lip) with alfoil. Spread the halved strawberries. Combine Vanilla Sugar and  1 cup of sugar, sprinkle over the berries, drizzle the Balsamic Vinegar over the berries and sugar.

Roast at 180  until the sugar dissolves and the juices start to bubble and caramelise. This will take about 15 minutes or so. Remove from the oven and pour into a bowl. Strain berries  from the juices, while mushing them slightly. Set aside the mashed berries in one small container and allow the hot strawberry sugar balsamic juice to cool in another container. Add vanilla paste or extract and the Amaretto. Set Aside.

Mix the milk and remaining 1/4 cup sugar for a few minutes on low speed in a mixer. Add the creams. Mix well. While mixing, add the Berry Juices, and mashed berries. Pour the mixture into the freezer bowl and churn until ready, but make sure it is slightly of soft consistency. Pour and spread into your container or a loaf pan. Freeze for several more hours in the freezer until ready to serve.


10 thoughts on “Roasted Balsamic Strawberry Ice Cream

  1. Sounds yummy. I used to love making icecream, especially sorbets, but in the interests of (totally unsuccessful) weight control, ceased. Now I feel like rushing to Aldi’s to see whether they have any more machines.

  2. At Aldi you say??? I wonder if they have any left! That sounds delicious (even though I can’t open the pic cause my son has used up all of my download! Grrr…don’t ask!). And balsamic and strawberries are delicious together!

  3. Got the Cuisinart one for a wedding gift and have rarely used it. Might get more use of it as the kids grow older & either want ice cream and/or more time to make it? I find the time-element is the biggest deterrent! Your recipe sounds delish!

  4. I’ve got the Kitchenaid icecream maker attachment, and I have to say, the first couple of icecreams I made were spectacular, but haven’t been able to recreate it since.

    This one looks yummo!!

    1. It was so good, we will be adding to the Christmas menu. Hope you guys try it if you can, most delish. Maureen, dig out the cuisinart and put it to use. (or send it to me :) ) Aunty, I have heard some hype about the kitchen aid attachments – you still have to freeze it though – does it churn and freeze at the same time?

  5. Ooh, so the little ones without the compressor do work ok in Qld? I’ve been wanting one for ages, but hubby (fridge mechanic) said it’s too hot and the bowl won’t stay frozen long enough….tell me it ain’t so!

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