Superbutcher, Eagle Farm, Brisbane

Along with a group of Brisbane Food bloggers, I went along to a ‘beef appreciation course’ at the amazing superbutcher.

What an amazing event.

Out the back of the huge Eagle Farm outlet, we gathered in a huge cold room. (Without the cold room freezer on, although it was still cold!). A table for 20 plus was laid, and there were beef cuts laid out on viewing tables, sides of aged beef hanging, dried aged beef on the table, a huge weber, and a lot of very sharp knives.

Andrew McDonald led the event, and amongst many other things, took us through the 9 grades of beef. (Because I have no photos to share, I am sharing 2 of the videos filmed on the night.)

Chef Karl Knack prepared tastes of different cuts of beef, filleted from the side in front of us then sizzled and served. In order, we sampled 150 day aged grain, Tasmanian MSA porterhouse, Black Angus porterhouse, Wagyu Porterhouse.

The night was topped with a wonderful meal of Cape Grimm eye fillet, with a 2-3 marble count. This was served with a mashed potato, baby tomatoes and a jus – as you can see in the clip, it was mouth watering.

During the evening, we were offered various cheeses, crackers, and icy cold beer or table water. Andrew, Carl and other staff moved around the tables and sat and chatted with us about all things beefish. And butcherish.

You think I would be ‘beefed out’ after all that meat? No way ;)

Personally, I found the event amazingly informative. I like to learn about food as much as I like to eat it ;) and wish I could have had notes provided on what we learned, there was so much  to take in. A sample bag to bring home was most appreciated – posters and information on cuts, aging, breeds and more.

The only -only downside to the event? It’s cold, very cold. Wear closed in shoes, take – no – wear a coat. You will enjoy it a whole lot more if you are comfortable!

2 thoughts on “Superbutcher, Eagle Farm, Brisbane

  1. I went last night and I agree. It was fantastic and something that Brisbane seems to be lacking in. I love the whole Superbutcher concept, the products they sell, and more importantly, the prices. How great that Andrew can provide such wonderful products at wonderful prices and THEN teach us all about it AND feed us!

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