Ticked Off

Y’all may recall how, 3 weeks ago,  we tired of the boggy driveway and ran away with the camper trailer. Y’all may recall the skipper trying to turn the 4X4 into a floatation device at the time.

But one thing I didn’t share with you, was the amount of kangaroo ticks that were about. The kangaroos did, however.

Share, that is.

The ticks, that is.

I brushed a few off myself, removed one from inside TFMs ear with tweezers, and checked, I thought, rather diligently when we returned to boggyville.

However on Friday, TFM came to me to show me a lump that had developed just under his shoulder-blade.

So a quick late trip to the GP on Friday afternoon, and TFM was quickly scheduled for day surgery at 8.30 this morning, to have what the GP thought may have been a tick, beneath his skin, removed from the centre of his back. The poison was supposedly in his lymphatic system.

Over the weekend, his lymph nodes swelled more, although he felt well and presented as typical 13 year old.

So at 8.00 this morning, we fronted up for surgery.

2 ibuprofen, a local, another local and a scalpel and it was all over by 10.00 AM. A wobbly legged teen was allowed to leave as long as his parents promised him pancakes. (We substituted French toast with maple, bananas and bacon).

We should know tomorrow if it was, indeed, a burrowed tick or not.


13 thoughts on “Ticked Off

  1. I took one of my dogs to the vet last week and she said that ticks were rampant atm. I am checking mine more than regularly now. Apparently, all of the wet weather has aided in them being everywhere!

  2. Yeeee-uckkk! Despise ticks – specially scrub ticks. Nasty little suckers (pun fully intended).
    Hope all is well (and not too itchy!)

    PS Nice new look! Is there something in the Bris Vegas water for blog makeovers?

    1. Any suggestions on the prevention of?

      I don’t mind getting rid of the buggers, but prevention is better.

      So nice to see you here, missed you. How’s your tummy now, all good?

  3. Thanks everyone, for caring. No news from the surgery today, so expecting it tomorrow. Sending TFM back to school tomorrow, hard old mother that I am.

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