Conviction Kitchen, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

** November 2011: Note: Conviction Kitchen is now closed and houses ‘Bistro 2’.

The TV series Conviction Kitchen follows the redemptive journey of 12 ex-criminals — six in the kitchen, six on the floor — being given another chance as they learn the skills to successfully run a high-end restaurant.

Channel 7 opened the doors to Conviction 3 weeks ago, and with only 6 weeks of taping, seats available for meals have been in high demand.

After a visit there last week, I can see why.

Kefalograviera saganaki, fennel & red onion salad – entree
Steak tartare with traditional condiments

You are told you will be filmed. If you are like me, you have a camera and mike shoved in your face, be asked a question and mumble like a bumbling fool, which guarantees you will either end up on the cutting room floor (good choice) or be aired showing the world what a bumbling fool you actually are (not such a good choice).

Special entrée – stuffed zucchini flowers
Freshly shucked oysters with a shallot and red wine vinegar
Takumi Wagyu with celeriac rémoulade, pear salad, bone marrow, black vinegar.

I have to tell you – my dessert was so amazing, I raved about it for the next 2 days.

Chocolate salty caramel, peanuts, and sour cream icecream (If you get the chance, eat this. It is orgasmic)

The show begins airing in Australia soon. Look out for the snippets of the customers – if you see a fat, fair headed bumbling fool, the chance may be you have spotted a rhubarb.

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