MayKing Tea Brisbane QLD

I am not a coffee lover. Or drinker. In fact, regular readers – you may remember my first ever coffee making disaster.

But tea – I am a tea devotea (heh) and love all types of tea, herbal, black and white. I prefer to drink organic and loose leaf if possible.

Which is right up May King’s alley. 

I had the pleasure of meeting May King during a recent food trek.  I shared a cup of her tea, chilled, which was refreshing and divine. On this occasion, she shared  her Ashitaba. She tells me it’s a herbal infusion imported from Japan.

I am hoping to catch up with her again over the festive season as I want to place a small tea order and find out a bit more about what she does.

May runs a QLD based Tea Meeting group here, or if you are in the UK, you can see her here. She ships worldwide.

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