Verbosity – an extension of me.

I have always been a writer.

I have never been succinct.

From primary school forwards, words were my friend. (Numbers, however, were not). Ask me for 50 words, I give you one hundred.

My first ‘published’ works were fiction snippets during my teen years. I took pleasure in  seeing my ‘letters to the editor’, small magazine articles, semi regular columns in my local newspaper. In later years a few of my ‘Penny Dreadfuls’ made print. After the birth of my son, I was commissioned to write a series of 12 manuscript modules for a training Institution. Although the pay wasn’t huge, it fed and clothed us for 12 months, and I could claim the title of ‘writer’ with a little legitimacy.

It was this love of words that led me to blogging.

I began blogging in 2005. My initial blog was more an extension of myself than a ‘platform’. It was a place where I could pour out my words and attain some form of instant gratification by seeing my words in print.

It was an extension of ‘me’. It was my love of food – of tastes, flavours, passion for produce. It was my love of home renovation, restoration and design. It was my child’s life in words and images, it was my life in parody, pleasure and pain. It was reflections on the families in my classroom, the children I taught, the oddness of some and the kindness of others. I wrote of growing up with a dysfunctional family, of alcoholism and abuse, the death of a parent, the discovery of myself and 5 brothers of whose existence I didn’t even know. It was  a place to pour pleasure and pain onto paper.

My renovations made magazines such as Country Home ideas and House, culminating in a wonderful 5 page spread with images. I am still pretty proud of that. My parodies have been reprinted for family fun, and I am often asked to revisit that skill and write up funny verse for a family event. But over the years, as a busy mum, teacher, part business owner, landlord and more, my skills have depleted. Squashed down by time constraints. Bound down by work policy – social media use by teachers is now strongly frowned upon unless it has some type of anonymity. And as life has ramped up the expectations of fitting 36 hours work into a 24 hour a day, much of myself has fallen by the wayside.

These days, it seems you are not a ‘blogger’ if you don’t have a platform. You need a ‘brand’. There are style bloggers and fashion bloggers and hair bloggers and perfume bloggers. There are chef bloggers and food bloggers and restaurant review bloggers and wine bloggers. There are the mummy bloggers. The minority bloggers. The body issue bloggers. There are author bloggers and fan club bloggers and stalking bloggers and florist bloggers and bloggers that only write for the 18+ marketplace. And some of these are DAMN GOOD bloggers.I love what they do, and their niche markets. Others are crap. I skip them.

I am not a something blogger. I am just person who likes to write about what I like. My blog is a just a well rounded place to visit where you, as a reader, can learn about me, should you so wish. My house. My home. My renovations.  My family. My environment. And my travels with food – every cooking, eating, shopping, tasting, smelling, spicy glorious moment of it.

Verbosity is an extension of me. So is my blog.

15 thoughts on “Verbosity – an extension of me.

  1. Thank you for sharing that, and for deciding to be true to yourself.

    It’s very hard these days, when everything has to have an “angle”, a “niche”, a “brand” and be written for an audience. Most of us got into blogging because we loved it and/or wanted to share things.

    We do write a mainly food blog, but I would *love* to do some music reviews and other things – but I always worry that I risk offending/annoying readers. You’ve just inspired me to go on and do it! Thank you.

  2. Go for it, Matthew. I was telling someone just the other day how much I enjoyed her posts that allowed the audience to see a little more of her as a person, rather than just the factual posts (as enjoyable as they are). I realised then, right there, how much I missed being just that myself.

  3. Well, whatever you are, I like it! I have no idea what I am…too uncultured to be a food blogger, too old to be a mommy blogger…I dunno, and not sure I’m worried about it. I have enjoyed your writing and happy that you do it!

  4. I confess to being someone who prefers blogs that cover a range of topics. Having no kids, blogs that feature kids in every post becomes very dreary, as do (to a lesser extent) the constantly craft, food and other specialty blogs. I like to get to know the person behind the blog.

    Most people read specific blogs because they find something of interest within that blog. When it stops being interesting, they leave, as they have the right to do. But it would be like having a friend that only talks about her kids every time you speak to her….ummmm…boring!

    Matthew, your blog is your place. If you want to change it up, go for it. You may lose some readers…you may not. But you may also attract people who found your “mainly food blog” not their thing.

    Rhu, I look forward to seeing what you do next!

  5. Even though I sometimes refer to myself as a Bush Blogger, I rarely keep within that self-imposed confine. That’s half the joy of blogging isn’t it? To share what strikes us as worth sharing at any given time?

    I love the way you write – as you well know! Here’s to much more random blogging out there.

  6. I do like your blog, and think you do indeed have the ability to be succinct – which is not the same as verbosity – as well as interesting and challenging. I am looking forward to more of your posts.

  7. I am fairly much a not very often blogger myself for the last few years, but even before that was never one for a set box. I love your stuff, no matter what stuff it is.

  8. Yay! Just yay! I’ve been trying to be a “craft blogger” but it’s batsh*t boring and I don’t actually have time to craft enough now. So craft business blog or not, I think I have to let bits of me back in.

  9. Writing from the heart is something everyone should embrace. Sharing your story with friends, family and the occasional blog stalker. Blogs that vary stories from a recipe to travel to what happens in their day to day life, keep me interested.
    Keep blogging!

  10. Yay! It’s like you’re in my head (in a good way), I think I want to get where you are, but I may have to take the slow road and confront exactly what it is I want first! :)

  11. Hi Rhu,
    I know it has been awhile- I have blogged intermittently this past year and read blogs the same way. I have gone back and read a few posts to be read of your news. It sounds like you have faced and overcome some serious challenges- I wish you good health and the opportunity to do the things that help heal your spirit as well as your body. You are one amazing lady- perhaps you will return to the classroom ( if that is what you wish) or perhaps not- whatever happens may you find the things that bring you joy and contentment with life.
    Warmest regards,

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