Butter Wrappers

Do you keep your butter wrappers? You know the little foil papers from your Lescure, Golden Churn, Western Star – whatever you use.  Even the peel off tops from Western Star spreadable (which my boys prefer for their toast).

These little papers come in quite handy for quite a few things in your kitchen – and they are effectively ‘free’ – since you would throw them out anyway. I keep each little wrapper folded onto itself in a small container in the door of the freezer.

So what do I do  with them?

The most often used trick for me is when greasing a pan or muffin tin. They are just the right size to slip in a muffin or patty pan hole and you can do 2 or 3 with each wrapper. The same for big tins and cake tins – rub one of these over before lining your tin, any pan or even under your baking paper when making cookies. Why? It stops the paper slipping away :)

That’s it for me today – in the time it’s taken me to whip up this post, my breakfast omelette muffins are ready. No  doubt they’ll be easy to get out of the tin – nicely (and cheaply) greased! :)

Do you keep your butter wrappers?

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