Jeir Creek Winery – Murrumbateman NSW

It’s a bit of a drive to Jeir Creek, albeit a pretty one.

Jeir Creek-22

It involves off -road dust, water crossings, and more twists and turns than an episode of CSI.


It’s doable in a normal vehicle, and is well sign posted.  Leave the highway behind, follow the tree-lined lanes until you are surrounded by manicured vineyards and stunning views.

Jeir Creek-20

It’s not just about ‘wine  tasting’ at Jeir Creek.  There’s freedom to wander through the vines.  And being a uniquely cool-climate wine experience, spring budding is in full swing right now.


The site was selected by Rob Howell in 1984. If you ask him, he will tell you how he chose  this land for its stunning beauty as well as its great viticultural attributes. The passion for his love is evident.


Many table wine styles are produced here. There are elegant but powerful reds; crisp flavoursome whites, plus  their much acclaimed luscious dessert wine, Botrytis Semillon Sauvignon Blanc.


Jeir Creek also make a marvelous Muscat.


Jeir Creek’s tastings can be relaxed and casual – or, if you are interested, can be complimented with a full narrative containing everything from grape growing to the wood used in the oaks in their ‘great barrel’ room.


The Jeir Creek kitchen has cheese platters available all weekend, and live music from 1pm ’till 4pm on Saturdays.  They invite you to eat on the elevated deck, listen to the music, and enjoy the vineyard panorama.


Jeir Creek offer a winery experience  that extends beyond the traditional. As well as tastings and tours you can take classes.   There is a Lets Talk program, which offers the rare opportunity to hear about winemaking detail; Muscat Making and Blending Masterclasses, held each August; a Hands On Winemaking Experience as part of vintage in March until May,  and for something very unique,  you can be part of  a Little piece of Burgundy, (a traditional French pinot noir planting). Your own vine!


If your travel schedule only allows a quick visit – you can simply do as we did.

 Launch 012

Sip, wander and enjoy.

Jeir Creek Winery
122 Bluebell Lane, via Gooda Creek Road Murrumbateman, NSW 2582

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    1. I’ve always wondered – what’s the difference between a chemtrail and a contrail? Either way, the skies were so clear, you can see at least 2 trails occurring at the same time all the way through the day. Pretty impressive.

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