How to Smoke Foods using a Wok

Smoking food in a wok imparts a deep, delicious flavour into foods. You can smoke to cook, or smoke to impart flavour. The methods are very similar, the process almost identical.

Turning your wok into a smoker is simple and very efficient. You  will need your wok – a nice big one from  an Asian supermarket is best; lots of alfoil, a round cooling rack or bamboo steamer, and finely ground wood chips.

smoking 002

Line  the wok with alfoil so it hangs over the edges all the way around, about 3 – 5 cm. smoking 003

Make sure it’s THOROUGHLY covered.

smoking 004

Place the wood chips (the ones above I have soaked in water and a little liquid smoke) in the bottom. You only need around a cupful.

smoking 005

Fold a second piece of foil into the shape of the woodchips, and cover.

smoking 006

Pop your steamer over this and centralise. If you don’t have a steamer you can use a cake rack or a roast rack –  you need it to sit above the chips without touching. If you use metal, make sure you do not pierce the alfoil.

smoking 007

Now pop your food into the steamer. I am smoking eggplants from my garden, and some Patrice Newell garlic.

smoking 009

Cover the basket with the lid, then lay a layer of alfoil loosely over the top.

smoking 011

Tuck the sides of the top layer down and at the same time, gather the bottom layer’s overhang and crimp them together.

smoking 012

You are doing this to create an almost airtight environment all the way around.

smoking 013

Snug as a bug in a rug.

smoking 014

Heat your flame on ‘high’.

smoking 015

Pop the wok over the flame and reduce to very low.  Do not wait too long to do this or your wood chips with catch and begin to blacken.

So will your steamer basket.

Trust me. I know this.

Burned bamboo is not the flavour you wish to share with your guests.

You want a nice, slow smoulder.

smoking 017

You will soon see some drifts of smoke escape from your little smoking machine. A slow smoulder in a smoker that allows some of the smoke to escape produces a better-finished product.

You can hot smoke by leaving the burner on under the wok, turning the foil pouch into a mini oven, or you can get cooler temperatures by blasting it with heat for 1 minute out of every ten. It’ll get hot enough to produce smoke, which will get trapped in the foil and smoke the food without cooking it much

smoking 019

Now, before you open the smoking oven,  I strongly suggest you TAKE IT OUTSIDE.

smoking 020

Carefully remove the top foil and the lid. It will release a lot of  smoke.

smoking 022

Test your foods for done-ness.

smoking 026

Eggplant and garlic for  a baba ganoush.

7 thoughts on “How to Smoke Foods using a Wok

  1. Cool – now questions –
    Will any wood chips do, or are there stores to buy them from (in the big smoke – boom boom)?
    Where do you get liquid smoke, what is is and is it necessary?
    Will it work on induction stoves?
    How did the baba ghanoush go and can we have some?
    What else can you smoke and is there a time frame for various stuff?

    I love the concept – may have to practice on my sister’s equipment…

    1. Sorry Lizzie, Melinda and Jeanie, I have been away :) You can smoke with woodchips, tea – lots of things. (I love to tea smoke, it gives great results, especially a tea like Earl Grey) In this case I used some smoking chips from Bunnings (only cos they were a gift). BUnnings sell a few varieties of wood chips in the BBQ section. If you use ‘normal’ wood chips, be 100% sure the wood had never been treated or had any chemical residue of any kind. This sounds like common sense, but I have heard of people using wood chips from nurseries (intended for garden mulch) and getting very sick. Liquid smoke can be bought at most gourmet shops. It isn’t necessary, It’s usually a hickory based extract which is what gives some BBQ and USA sauces that deep, rich smokiness. You only need a drop or two. (I can happily send you a bottle in the mail, it’s no trouble) A bottle lasts forever – I have had mine since 1987!!! (use by date – what use by date?) You can smoke pretty much anything you want – meat, veggies, jerky, eggs…. endless!

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