How to Make Haloumi

In the world of a foodie, everybody wants to own a cow. Or part of a cow, at least.

Why a cow? Well, owning a cow means one can legally use raw milk for consumption or in cooking, or if you’re feeling luxurious enough – in  a bath.

Well, let me tell you the milk I get from the cow goes straight into my belly.

But just in case you think I have a cow stashed away in my seaside abode, let me set you straight. Delores the cow is safely housed a long way from here,  on a small 10 acre farm called Lantanaland near Yatala in the hinterlands of QLD’s Gold Coast.  And she’s cared for very, very well. And I only own a part of her.

Let me introduce you to my friend, John Beesley.

John, ‘Beeso’ and his wife Vanessa have big dreams for their little farm.  Slowly expanding (and that includes their new little man, Curtis), they have a dream to open a cooking school and help others learn how to become as self sustainable as possible, through growing their own food including fruit, vegetables and even meats and poultry. John has strong ties to his patch, and is working hard to make a difference in his own small way, with the determination to show young Curtis’s generation a completely different way to survive.

One of John’s many talents, is that he hand milks his ‘girls’ and makes his own raw milk cheeses.

How John makes his Haloumi (and how you can, too).

Now, John really needs feed for his cows. Good, organic cows love fresh produce, and need more than just grass to survive. What they really love is a good bit of  fruit and veggie scraps, which are not as easy to come by as people think. These days large grocery chains dispose of wasted fruit and veg in great volumes. These dispersals are ideal cow feed supplements.

If you know anyone who can help John (or Delores!) with a regular supply of fruit and vegetable scraps, let me know – or pop by and visit him yourself. You can find him on his blog Lantanaland or on twitter: @Beeso. You’ll want to spend a whole lot more time in Lantanaland.

But hands off Delores – she’s spoken for.

7 thoughts on “How to Make Haloumi

  1. I love Lantanaland! I hope he finds a source of good stuff that would otherwise just go for compost. I want to have a Delores. I wish someone up here would go that route.

  2. I have been wanting to go to Johns farm for ages now. I just don’t get down that way very often. I hope he can find some food for his cows, there is a real shortage on food at the moment even for us humans (vegetables that is).

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