Ain’t Nothin’ like the Real Thing

What do you think of when you see this?


Or this?


You’d be forgiven if you think to yourself, this guy’s simply doing his delivery run. And he might very well be, too.  But this truck was parked,  engine off, locked, driver absent.

The thing that strikes me, is that this significantly branded truck – and this is one of the world’s most globally recognised colour/logo combinations – not only obstructed two lanes of passing traffic and blocked in some poor shopper’s car, but that he taken up no less than three – yes, 3 – designated disabled parking bays. And obscured the entry to the disabled/elderly access ramp.

So what? He’s busy, right? He’ll only be a minute?

It’s no excuse, but hey – we’re used to seeing that all the time with delivery runs, aren’t we?  And we’re OK with that. We’re Aussies. She’ll be right, mate.

We shouldn’t be.

The Coca-Cola work rights policy says:

“The Company…. has along-standing … intolerance of discrimination. We are dedicated to … workplaces that are free from discrimination … on the basis of race, sex, color, national or social origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, political opinion or any other status protected by applicable law…”*
Their catch phrase? Live Positively.

When a Coke truck – or any delivery truck – parks over a disabled bay, it’s not only disrespectful, it’s unlawful.

I posted these images to Coca-Cola Amatil when I took them, several weeks back. They haven’t responded to me… yet. I’d love to hear what they think. I’d love to hear what you think, too.

Is this OK?

*Read in full, here

16 thoughts on “Ain’t Nothin’ like the Real Thing

  1. NOT okay. The fact that you have not heard back? Even more emphatically NOT okay. This is why the driver parks in the handicap parking…he knows that the company does not care.

  2. On the other hand, it’s still wrong, but it may not have been Coca Cola Corp that said “hey driver, go ahead and park like an asshole.” Tho they should have contacted you by now.

  3. And as for no other place to unload, that’s baloney too. Drivers have handtrucks for unloading stuff like that. Here, they park out of the way and carry stuff in with the handtrucks. If the store is large enough, there’s loading docks in the back. no matter what- he has NO excuse.

  4. No, not ok at all. Maybe the fault is the store’s – the disabled bays shouldn’t be in the one place (if it is) that the driver can park to unload. And you should certainly have heard back!

  5. While there is not often a direct link between the advertising canvas on the sides of trucks and the truck drivers, one would hope that your communique did elicit some communication between Gregorys and CCA. Perhaps if you contacted the former company with a cc to CCA explaining that if you do not hear a strategy that they will employ to ensure their drivers do no such thing again, social media may be brought in to leverage a bit of such action?

    1. Interesting discussion. I have to agree with the majority, that to stop here even for a minute is poor form. And to use the bays for loading zones is also inappropriate. I think, though, that we send the wrong message when we ignore the ‘just one minute’ people, yet at the same time we are becoming so vigilante that we have lost leeway for situations outside of the norm. It’s a toughie.

  6. I don’t think Coca-cola have anything to do with a lazy driver. Though they should be more careful of who they hire to drive their trucks and the reputation of how they drive them. I know I have seen many other smaller trucks with big brands on them hooning around the city driving like mad people – For what? Just because they are in a hurry to deliver goods, its crazy. Mind-you I don’t like to support coca-cola at any time – You now have to check who bottles your water -yes Mount Franklin is owned by coca-cola and the only water I could buy whilst overseas in a third world country was owned by Coca-Cola. Not cool.

  7. The driver should have taken care not to block the bays, but would like to point out the following:
    1. People think its ok to park in loading zones- it occurs more than people parking in disabled bays- leaving the driver with the following choices-
    a) road/verge park – the first being hazardous and upsetting drivers and the later throwing your load or affecting pedestrians
    b) find a spot in a car park big enough (this truck needs at least 4 empty bays in a row to horizontal park or in a rectangle to drive in). There also has to be enough room on the sides to work from and enough to actually get out to leave.
    c) block people in- of which I hate having to do but there are places that leave you no option ! Plus the driver doesn’t want to be confronted by angry people or have to keep moving the truck forward and back to let people out. So it’s just as much a hassle for the driver as it is for you. You will be surprised at the no of hungry jacks outlets that don’t have a loading zone or one too small for any use, or a subway in some stupid place that barely has parking for its clients let alone any delivery vehicle.

    2. There are places that don’t have loading zones ( some shopping centres depending on size) or they are badly designed (not suitable for trucks as they are only 2 bays in length ie suitable for couriers only).

    3. The driver could be delivering from 5-120+ cartons by hand with an average trolley load of 144kg (that’s only 12ctns of water or 600ml bottles) and who must make up to 40+ deliveries a day and make them within the time windows of which some can be only 5 hrs or so. So the driver will get as close as possible because a) It’s heavy and you don’t want to bust your back lumping it over curbs or pushing it 200m a trip etc and B) If you shave 6 mins every delivery over 20 deliveries, you have an extra 2 hrs in which to get the other half done in. Oh and is stuff breaks the customer isn’t happy and neither is dispatch if you have to return it (the customer can accept and get a credit from coke). They get penalised for returning stock.

    No the driver shouldn’t have blocked the disable bays, but maybe he thought blocking them and only one car was better than blocking 8 cars/ blocking the road/ etc whilst he delivered a single trolley load or whatever.

    Who knows, but as someone who worked for coca cola in an another state, I actually know what it’s like driving these truck under time constraints and delivery expectations.

    I also think your taking the coca cola policy out of context. The driver isn’t parking there because he is discriminating against those needing the bays.

    Did you actually wait around for the guy to return? For all you know he was there for 5 mins – no it’s still no right- but some of the comments are unjust. I think Maureen is the only sensible one. To say its out of laziness is clearly arrogant in that you haven’t done the job and have No clue as to how physical it is- see a typical example below.

    Also on the back of the truck is a phone number for people like you to report such incidents. But personally I think you should have spoken to the driver first and got his side of the story. If he said he was there for lunch then you would actually have more to go on.

    And just because the cab is locked and the keys gone doesn’t mean he wasn’t doing a delivery.

    It is my belief that Linfox has the contract for coca cola distribution in eastern states and Toll in Wa

    I’m sure you can ring 13 COKE to talk to someone, and quote rego but personally think that unless you have done the job then you don’t know what it’s like and that this is a once of. If you see the same truck there again, say something or dob in, but I don’t think the driver deserves to be fired for doing a very difficult job in terms of time/delivery/delivery rate pressures.

    Typical delivery example
    Deliver 80ctns of post mix (20kg each) to Hoyts located in a busy shopping centre 2 nod floor. Its 1130am. There is a loading zone nearby but tradies are parked there so you have to park at the next closest, making the delivery a some 300m return trip. Load 15 ctns to trolley (300kg) as I need to get this done ASAP as I have to be at xxx before it shuts at 1pm It’s a busy shop, have to make your way through hoping people don’t cut in front or walk slow in front. It’s taken 10 mins to do your first trip, repeat 5 more times. Your legs are burning but you have to get to xxx within 30 mins so you better not slack off.

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