Happy Birthday, Keith

Super low tide. Super calm ocean. Right down on the point at the fishing pier, a surprise on a lamp post.

The card reads “Dear *Keith, Happy Birthday. I wish we could celebrate it like we used to, together.  We will celebrate apart, together in my heart, always.

I miss you. Love mum. xxx”

Sorry about the mist, there was something in my eye…

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Keith

  1. Sob. I have yet to visit The Scene Of The Accident and can’t see myself doing the flowers and card thing, but more power to those people who can revisit the scene….

  2. Oh Rhu… Oh Amanda… Life just ain’t fair sometimes, is it? Tributes like this always bring me to tears. You just want to hug the unseen Mum, don’t you?
    Hugs to you especially, A.

    1. My son went to the ‘spot’ and dropped his fishing line in, right at tide change. He caught a lovely Golden Trevally. (Did I spell that correctly?) We did the honourable thing.

  3. Heartbreaking. Every parent’s worse nightmare. Can’t get rid of the mist.

    Thanks for the perspective, dear friend xox

    1. So many of us live in dread of theis happening. It’s something that happens ‘to other people’ isn’t it? But no… I pray none of us ever have to taste this bitterness.

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