About me.
I am Shirley, and thanks to almost a decade of maintaining this blog, I am often called Rhu.  I am fortunate to live be right beside the coastal waters of the South Pacific Ocean midway between the sunshine coast and Brisbane, QLD. Despite the salty air that comes from living beside the sea, I manage my own large veggie patch, run chooks and have a good herb garden, all hiding in the back yard.

About my food.
I am totally passionate about cooking, wine and all things food. I love to eat out and consistently cognitively deconstruct dishes served, which drives my dining partners batty. Take me anywhere – fine dining, street food, pop up stalls or casual eateries- I am in bliss.

I have two very strong food passions.

One: I am a purist. Call it what it is.  Have a strong ethical conscious for food. Grow it, raise it, can it, bottle it, it is food and therefore should be completely free of man made artifice.   I believe in the ‘tail to snout’ approach.

Two: I want to learn more. Classes, chefs, gardeners, wholesalers and purveyors – I am consistently on the lookout for people who can teach me more, help me learn and well… nurture my hunger for knowledge, if you will forgive the pun.

I mainly cook gluten free, prefer to eat organic and prefer to use seasonal produce when possible.

About my writing.

I currently write for several  publications, both online and hardcopy. My first non-fiction writing was published in the very early 90’s and is still in print. Since then, I have written for journals, magazines, government departments,  PR agencies and guides. My fictional work includes short stories and children’s books.

In my business, Edible Press, most of my writing is from an undisclosed perspective.  When writing for guides or PR agencies, I am often required to anonymously visit establishments to ensure I do not receive any preferential treatment, whilst identify high-quality establishments across a broad range of budgets and styles. Evaluations involve testing menus, meals, products, service or overnight stays to assess quality and reliability of the experience.

In between, I run a second small business with my partner, am renovating our  home, dabble in photography, and on a break from my other passion – teaching small children. Here, on Rhubarb Whine, I write about life, food, family, travel, eating, food, photography, food, renovations or the postman.

If you would like to know more about me, click here: Where I am from.
If you would like to know more about my writing, click here: Verbosity.
If you would like to visit my business website, click here: Edible Press

If you have a project you would like me to work on, or would like to discuss the opportunity to work with me, please feel free to contact me using either method below. You can be assured on confidentiality. My  blog T&C are here and my business details are here.

Our mailing address is:
Shirley Harring
Rhubarb Whine
PO Box 2003
Redcliffe NorthQueensland 4020

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