Wearing Dead People

A little tradition that TFM and I have is that during the first week of the holidays, we hit the clothing stores and I update his wardrobe with a few essential items for the summer. Usually new jeans, shorts and a few good T’s.

When he was smaller and younger, Big W and Target would cut it, these days it’s JayJays and surf shops.

And I don’t mind surfing (haha, see what I did there?) through the sizes, shapes and colours to help him choose appropriate clothes that meet the mother stamp of approval, but I have to ask the designers of kid’s clothing:

WTF is with skulls?  Why???  WHY???

What is it that compels designers to think that people want to wear dead people on clothing? And why are they so popular?

Why not add some rotting corpses to the mix? Or some amputated limbs? Not for you? Perhaps I can interest you in a print of a gleamingly polished clavicle to go with your skull?

The whole skull thing has just gotten out of control. It was much easier to avoid when he was younger. There were cutsie options, or funny little comics.As he grew older  there were stripes, plain colours and other choices. But at 14… very limited options.

These days, even classy looking jeans have a dead man’s head on the button.

And it’s not just limited to teen clothes, I know. I saw this in my google search:

Oh yes. Nothing says ‘take me home and romance me‘ quite like wearing dead people’s heads on your sexy bits.  I love looking at empty eye sockets and fantasising about George Clooney. Oh yes.

What’s your opinion on wearing dead people? Fan? Or no?